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  • Hydraulic Motor Sizing Parameters Explained

    hydraulic motor sizing explainedIn order to properly figure out hydraulic motor sizing, you will need to know the torque and speed that you will need to get from the motor during typical operation. You can also use horsepower and speed to come to a final number instead of torque and speed. The requirements of any hydraulic motor are to put out enough torque and speed to move a load, so that is why we start with these numbers when doing hydraulic motor sizing.

    When figuring out the power of a motor, you would take torque and multiply it by speed – thus, some people think that you can classify a motor only by the amount of power it has. But, as you might know, motors are always optimized to operate best within a specific range of the speed of a load. This means that this calculation must also be included in the calculations when doing hydraulic motor sizing.

    There are also six additional things that should be taken into consideration when choosing a hydraulic motor and sizing it. These parameters should be based on estimates of the expected hydraulic motors output.

    hydraulic motor sizingLoad Inertia

    Fluid Temperature

    System Pressure at Nominal Levels

    Normal Operating Motor Inlet Pressure

    Motor Efficiency Estimates

    Length of Time for Acceleration of Load

    Once you know all of the parameters discussed earlier in this article, you will be able to plug them in to the hydraulic motor sizing equation. You will then be able to come up with the torque requirements that you need for your hydraulic motor to perform accurately in your individual work environment.

    hydraulic motor sizing calculatorFree hydraulic motor sizing calculators are available on the Internet that you can use by inputting the numbers that we discussed above, instead of having to perform the complicated calculations yourself by hand. These online calculators will save you much time and frustration, so if you are not a math lover you might want to check them out first before digging in to figure out the hydraulic motor sizing on your own. A quick search on Google or your favorite search engine will turn up several options for you to choose from, this includes hydraulic pump motor sizing calculators as well.

    Getting data that will help you learn about the performance of your hydraulic motor in operating conditions that are not considered optimal, those that are not nominal or maximum, is a good idea. These conditions may also impact performance and they should at least be considered before making your final choice in a hydraulic motor.

    This type of data is not normally included in the information that you will get from the manufacturer. You will have to contact the individual manufacturers and request the data from them so that you can analyze it. This is especially true if you are figuring hydraulic motor sizing for the aerospace industry.

    In other industries, failure conditions, as well as non-nominal conditions may not be as important, so you will have to decide if this is necessary on a case-by-case basis in addition to the hydraulic motor sizing data.



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  • The Finest Machines and Equipment, made by Bosch Hydraulics

    Bosch HydraulicsWhen working on a pipe flow, pumps and dam designs, Hydraulics plays a big role in the engineering industry. Machines which are operated hydraulically are these equipment that use liquid fluid power to do simple work.  Hydraulically operated machines are mostly seen in construction sites in the different forms say, those heavy dozers, excavators, cranes and lifts. Hydraulics is, indeed, has the ability to make workloads easier with its high- powered agility and power. Without it, people wouldn’t get a chance to even step on a hotel, or a mall or even enjoy the scenery of high skyscrapers in the cities. Hydraulics, together with pneumatics, can get rid of complicated mechanical stuff (e.g. levers and gears) which made it easier for the engineers to work with their construction projects.

    Many companies offer hydraulic machines in the market but one brand truly stands oBosch Hydraulics productsut. Bosch Hydraulics is considered to be the leader in the market. Bosch Hydraulics is one of the world’s specialists in the ground of construction technologies. With its extensive array of products, from pumps to other hydraulic equipment, Bosch Hydraulics is truly tried and tested by construction companies and engineers. Bosch Hydraulics offers axial and radial piston pumps, and gear pumps, both internal and external. Bosch Hydraulics also has on/off valves, control blocks and plates, accumulators, power units and accessories.

    Bosch’s products are distributed to 50 nations throughout the seven continents of the Earth. Also, their hydraulic products are said to be carefully treated before and during the shipment. Bosch hydraulics can assure its customers that they comply with global standards and custom regulations. Bosch hydraulics truly guarantees total satisfaction to their customers for the high quality, competitive price, and superb services they offer. Bosch Hydraulics ensures the construction companies to only present the finest of these equipment and machineries.


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  • Why Are Sunstrand Pumps Best for Construction?

    Sundstrand PumpsConstruction projects almost always require strong workers to exert lots of strength to be able to accomplish their tasks. But of course, these men will not be able to achieve much without the aid of construction tools which somewhat makes their herculean task a tad easier. Pumps are just one of these aforementioned construction tools, as they are responsible for converting mechanical to hydraulic energy. It also helps different sorts of machineries like loaders, cranes and diggers since pumps elevates the pressure. Without pumps, these machineries wouldn’t be able to do their job.  Hydraulic pumps are also of great use in stirring ships, airplanes and trucks.

    Gear Sundstrand PumpsHowever, there are many brands of pumps to choose from. We have gear pumps which push fluids in the gear of a machine, screw pumps which are mostly used in ships, or radial and axial piston pumps which are used to maintain balance in pressuring the fluid in a piston. Though there are different types of pumps, each having their own uses, there are some brands and kinds of pumps that may not last long because of their inferior quality. These pumps, in the end, may prove to be more of a liability than an asset for construction companies, especially since most construction projects only require the most durable and dependable pumps.

    But there is one brand of pumps that has distinguished itself as a gemstone to construction businesses and it is called the Sundstrand pumps. Sundstrand pumps are, indeed, of great help and play a big role in the business of construction.  It endures the most exhausting part of a construction development. One good thing about Sundstrand pumps is that it is always available and easily found at professional hydraulic or hydrostatic repair shops.

    Be it a dozer, a paver, or a concrete pump, Sundstrand pumps will surely be of great help in whatever you’ll be doing.

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  • Parker Hydraulics: What You Should Know

    Parker HydraulicsWhen it comes to a vast variety of technologies as hydraulics, filtration process control, electromechanics, pneumatics, gas and fluid handling, sealing and climate control, Parker is one of the names that usually come to the mind of many people. Parker hydraulics offers a complete line of products to meet your needs in motion and control. The company provides a wide array of products available from any supplier, backed by expertise in different major technologies.

    Valves are devices used to regulate fluid and gas flow by opening and closing or blocking passageways in pipes. They are use extensively in different industries. Because of this, they vary in form, materials used and size depending on their uses. Parker is a company that is known to be a leader in providing hydraulic valve solutions for industrial, mobile and truck applications. The company simply offers solutions for all valve and hydraulic needs. The fact that Parker hydraulics provides valves to such a variety of technologies means that its designs are revolutionary and can cater to almost all system and customer requirements.

    The motto of the company is “Engineering your success.” Its wide products range means that the expertise attained in an area turns to all other areas, providing customers with a holistic supplier for all their needs. A lot of people are patronizing Parker’s products best Parker Hydraulicsbecause they feel secured that Parker hydraulics can provide them everything they need along with value added service. In order for you to make sure you can save time and money, see to it that you purchase products from a reputable manufacturer.

    Parker hydraulics is just one of the names people are into these days. With a variety of products to choose from in the product line, you can surely have exactly what will fit your hydraulic needs or requirements.

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  • What You Should Know About Integrated Hydraulics

    Integrated HydraulicsIntegrated Hydraulics is a product line introduced by Eaton Corporation. As a manufacturer of hydraulic integrated circuits, the company ensures that its products can help improve a machinery’s competitiveness by designing systems and valves that are suited for ones application. The company offers their patrons peace of mind by supplying them products with a reasonable price point.

    Several consumers prefer Eaton’s Integrated Hydraulics line of products because of the company’s good reputation. Most of the company’s design engineers and applications are known to be good in overcoming issues that others have declined to address and solve. Also, most of the valves in the product line are acknowledged widely as being the most innovative and ingenious available.

    The cartridge valves and manifold blocks in the product line were designed to exemplary standards and they were made from quality materials to offer higher functional accuracy and to last long. With integrated hydraulic circuits, you can save around 30 to 70 percent in material and labor costs by removing inter-valve piping. These products lessen the amount of leak points in a system. Since less plumbing is required, the size of a system can be lessened by half or even more.

    Integrated Hydraulics machine toolsMost products that are included in the Integrated Hydraulics line are especially useful in off-highway and mobile applications like lumber harvesters, lift truck, aircraft ground support vehicles and agricultural implements. These products are also useful in machine tools, conveyor equipment and machine feeder applications. Spell out Integrated Hydraulics whenever you wish to save space, avoid hydraulic system leakage and reduce assembly time.

    Although there are other product lines with the same nature, Integrated Hydraulics is often looked by many as most products can be used in diverse applications. Also, all valves in the line are known to have been assembled by experienced technicians, ensuring the quality and reliability anticipated by consumers.


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